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Our SALES team has the knowledge and creativity to help you envision your dream from day one.
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David Kelly
David KellySales
O: (312) 784-2700
C: (773) 491-3302
Jonathan Bancroft
Jonathan Bancroft Sales
O: (312) 784-2704
C: (773) 447-1455
Samantha Steele
Samantha Steele Sales
O: (312) 784-2708
C: (773) 491-2558
Karl Bollig
Karl BolligSales
O: (312) 784-2718
C: (415) 656-6031
Christine Kuhlman
Christine Kuhlman Sales
O: (312) 784-2701
Daniela Saporito
Daniela Saporito Sales
O: (312) 784-2724
C: (815) 639-1141
Elizabeth Hardey
Elizabeth Hardey Floor Plans & Renderings
O: (312) 784-2714

Our experienced PRODUCTION staff offers management of details big and small.
Lisa Predko Photography

Taylor Podgorny
Taylor Podgorny Head of Production
O: (312) 784-2721
C: (773) 756-7680
Dan Schenk
Dan Schenk Production Manager
O: (312) 784-2711
C: (773) 491-1834
Joe Canham
Joe Canham Production Manager
O: (312) 784-2725
C: (312) 848-7315
Garrett Bauer
Garrett BauerProduction Manager / Video Content
O: (312) 784-2715
C: (773) 447-4337
Patrick Pritchett
Patrick PritchettVideo Production
O: (312) 784-2715
C: (773) 517-3494

Skilled craftsman, technical experts, and administrative staff help bring your vision to life in our WAREHOUSE and OFFICE.

Frost Office

Lisa Predko Photography

Scheduling • Accounting • Operations • Design

Frost Warehouse Group

Lisa Predko Photography


Lisa Predko Photography

Warehouse Management • Trucking • Staging

Frost Trucking Action

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Frost Lighting Action

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Audio Action


Video Action


Fabric Action

Lisa Predko Photography

Fabric • Scenic

Welding Action

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Carpentry Action

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